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The best way to lower your carbon footprint is to insulate your house

We can offer advice on what product would best suit your home and budget and install the appropriate materials.

Poorly insulated window frames and single glazed windows account for up to 20% of heat loss in the average home. Double glazing will create an insulating barrier and cut heating costs, noise levels and condensation. We work with specialist craftsmen and can install aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient windows in your home.

There are a number of different ways we can insulate your walls, again this helps with heat loss and reduces thermal bridging. Speak to us regarding the different options available.

Old fashioned boilers are inefficient and an out of date way of providing warmth. In terms of energy efficient heating methods we can install ground source heat pumps which are a modern and reliable way of heating your home and reducing your running costs. We can also act as principle contractor for other renewable energy sources such as solar panels.

Character Builders are always on the look out for new and effective 'green' products to work with. Our belief is in sustainability and houses that are built to last with minimum impact on the environment.

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View the projects that we have taken on over the years. We provide a finish that is to the highest standard. We also ensure a safe working environment and keep a clean site.

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